This address will receive any mail sent to an invalid email address for the current domain. The default address is also commonly called a “catch-all address.”

It is possible to define how the default address handles the incoming messages.

Set Up a Default Address

To set up your default address:

• Select the domain for which you wish to set up a default address.

• Click one of the following options:

° Forward to email address — Enter the address in the text box. You do not need to type “@” and the domain name.

° Discard with error to sender — Enter an error message for the sender to read.

• You can also click Advanced Options to:

° Discard incoming messages without an automatic response.
Note: This option is not recommended since the sender will be unaware that the delivery failed.

° Automatically forward messages to a program by defining a path to the program, for example /home/$utility, in the Pipe to a Program field.

° Forward incoming messages to your system account.

• Click the Change button.

Note: If your domain is targeted by spammers, forwarding mail to a default address is likely to yield a large amount of spam.

Using the Pipe to Program Option

When using the option to pipe incoming messages to a program, make sure your script uses the proper file permissions (755). To change your script’s file permissions:

• chmod 755 myscript.php where myscript.php is meant to stand for your script’s location and file name.

You will also need to ensure that you are using the correct hash bang.

• #!/usr/bin/php -q — For PHP.

• #!/usr/bin/perl — For Perl.