This tools shows you information about the available free space for your website. At the top of the main screen is a graph displaying the basic disk usage information by directory in Megabytes. This tells you what directories use the most space on your website’s hard drive. Note that this information is updated daily and may not reflect recent changes.
Disk Usage tools has two sections.

Top Section

The top sections allows you to actively manage the disk space you want to focus on. For example, if you click on the /public_html directory, the File Manager tool will open to that directory where you can delete or edit files.

WARNING: Deleting files that you didn’t specifically create will likely result in very bad things happening to your website or email. If you suspect something needs to be deleted but are not sure, ask for help from our 24/7 support. 

We strongly recommend against delete items in any of the /mail folders. A better way to manage email is to use webmail or the Email Disk Usage tool.

Bottom Section

The bottom section allows you to drill down and view disk usage of directories within the account. For example, if you want to see the disk usage “within” the /public_html directory, this section will allow you to quickly view this information.