This feature is capable of blocking a single IP address or a range of IP addresses from accessing your site. Fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) can also be banned. See the glossary for more information about FQDNs.

Deny (Ban) an IP Address

To deny/ban an IP address:

• Key-in the necessary IP to the IP Address or Domain field.

• Click the Add button.

IP addresses can be added in 5 different ways:

• Single IP Address (Example:

• Range (Example:

• Implied Range (Example:

• CIDR Format (Example:

• Implied (Example: 10.)

Note: Entering “10.” as an implied IP address implies 10.*.*.*, where * represents a positive whole number in an IP address. Therefore, entering “10.” will block all IP addresses that begin with 10. Please exercise discretion when implying IP addresses.

Unban an IP Address

To remove a denied IP address:

• Click the Remove button in the list next to the appropriate IP address.

• From the next screen, confirm the IP address’s deny-removal by clicking Yes.