The Legacy File Manager offers file manipulation options in an older web-based interface. Users already familiar with an older version of cPanel’s File Manager may find the Legacy File Manager more comfortable.

When an existing file is clicked from the list, a menu in the upper right-hand corner of the window appears, showing the options for file manipulation. (The options are specific to the type of file selected; as a result, not all options will appear for all files.)

• The Copy function copies selected items to a directory you specify.

• The Show File Contents link displays the file’s contents for viewing only.

• The Move File link allows selected files to be moved to a new directory.

• The Download link downloads selected files to your computer.

• The Delete link places selected files from the server into the trash. From there, you can restore or permanently delete the files.

• The Rename link allows a selected file to be renamed.

• The Edit link opens an editor for the selected files.

• The Code Editor link opens a code editor for the selected files.

• The HTML Editor link opens an editor specifically intended for HTML files.

• The Change Permissions link allows the read/write permissions to be changed for selected files.

• The URL link displays the selected file as it would be seen on the Web.