cPanel can guide you through the process of setting up a MySQL database, along with the requisite accounts and privileges, step by step.

To set up a database using the MySQL Database Wizard:

• In the New Database field, enter a name for the database.

• Click Next Step.

• In the Username field, enter a name for the user allowed to manage the database.

• In the Password field, type the user’s password.

° The password must be 7 letters or shorter.

° For help generating a strong password, click the Password Generator button.

• Retype the password in the Password (Again) field.

• Click Create User.

• Select the privileges you wish to grant the user, or select ALL PRIVILEGES.

• Click Next Step.

Next, cPanel will display a message stating that the database and user account were successfully set up. From here, you may select 1 of 3 options:

• Add another database — Returns to the start of the MySQL Database Wizard.

• Add another user using the MySQL Databases Area — Opens the MySQL® Databases page, wherein you may create additional user accounts and assign them to a database.

• Return to Home — Opens the cPanel home screen.

Note: When you add a user and database using the MySQL Database Wizard, the user is automatically given access to the database; there is no need to use the Add User to Database feature.