Sometimes email simply never arrives or the sender gets a bounced message saying that the email they sent to you has been blocked. In order to diagnose what you’re experiencing, our system administrators can search the server logs for clues. The problem is that the server email logs contain hundreds of thousands of entries and are only saved for about 4 days. To find the needle in the haystack, we’re going to have to have concrete information on the specific email that has not arrived as expected. Only when we’ve found the specific entries for your specific email can we begin to diagnose the problem.

To begin, we’ll need the following items:
1) The date and estimated time that the email was sent.
2) The sender’s email address.
3) The recipient’s email address. Even if you think we know your address, please provide it.
4) Any error messages that the sender or recipient might be seeing.

Sometimes the emails never even get to our server because they weren’t sent, they were blocked somewhere along the way, or something else that’s beyond our control. We can determine this if we can’t find any references to the email in question in our logs. In either case, we’ll let you know.