Managing Email Disk Usage

Managing email disk space can be a challenge. Especially if you’re storing email on the server rather than your office computer. It’s not uncommon for clients to wonder why they are getting notices from the server that their disk space is filling up, or their email has stopped working when the problem is that there just isn’t any more room for new emails.

The Email Disk Usage tool is a great new feature that monitors your email boxes for you and deletes old emails based certain criteria such as email age or disk usage. Keep in mind that the deleting is permanent so backup any important email messages or they may be lost over time.

How to use the Email Disk Usage Tool

  1. Log into your control panel account.
  2. Locate & click on the Email Disk Usage icon in the Email section of the control panel to open the tool’s interface.
  3. Select an email account at the top drop down and the page will display current details of folders within that email box.
  4. If you want to free up disk space in a particular folder, click the Manage link that will show to the right of folders with data in them.
  5. You will then be presented with a few options to choose from to establish your preferences for what should be deleted.
    1. 1 year old or more – Delete emails older than one year.
    2. 30 MB in size or more – Delete oldest emails first until the folder contains less than 30 MBs of data.
    3. Previously viewed – Delete all emails that were downloaded or viewed already.
    4. All messages – Delete everything in this folder.
    5. Custom Query… – This is a special option where you can set up custom info. See the next step for information.
  6. Custom Query… – The Custom Query options is that can be daunting because it follows a special Search Query Format. Below however are some examples that you put into the box that should be simple enough to follow.
    1. larger 1M – Deletes all emails larger than 1MB in size
    2. larger 30M – Deletes all emails larger than 30 MB in size.
    3. savedbefore 20-Jun-2016 – Deletes all emails saved before 20/06/2016
    4. savedbefore 01-Jan-2018 – Deletes all emails saved before 01/01/2018
    5. savedbefore 2weeks – Deletes all emails older than 2 weeks.
    6. savedbefore 52weeks – Deletes all emails older than 1 year.
    7. from – Deletes all emails from email addresses that end in
  7. Once you’ve selected your criteria, you then simply press the “Delete Permanently” button.