Host with, email with Google!

GSuite is a combination of products from Google. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on email but it also includes video conferencing, messaging, shared calendars, shared storage and much more. One primary benefit of GSuite is that you can put all your email onto Google’s servers and use your current email addresses with your domain name(s) at very little expense. Currently, you get between 30 and 1000 GB of storage space for email starting at $5 or $10 per month.

How does fit into this equation?

It’s likely that we handle your domain name registration, your website and email hosting on our servers. After you set up your GSuite account, we direct email traffic to go to your GSuite email boxes while continuing to host your website and manage your domain. In some cases, this could save money on storage costs.

What’s the catch?

In short, the catch is that you have to do all things “GSuite” yourself. We are not affiliated with Google and therefore don’t provide technical support for their products or services. However, we can help you enlist the help of a professional who can set everything up for you.

Where do I start?

That’s easy, Google has created a nice three step process for getting started here: