Best Effort Support

What Is Best Effort Support?

Best Effort Support means that we will try to solve any problem you have while using our servers – even if it’s something not traditionally covered in our managed support. We want you to know that you can come to us with any question. While our staff doesn’t know “everything” we have many years of combined experience and have dealt with most issues that come to our attention. In many cases, we already know the answer to problems that may arise and are happy to help out over and above our standard level of service.

There are some caveats.

Before embarking on a solution we may realize that this situation requires extra time and effort and therefore we may need to offer to try to resolve the problem for a minimum charge (currently $45). However, in most cases and as long as this service isn’t used too often, the may not be a charge for this service.

Best Effort is not covered under the same SLA’s as our supported services and does not guarantee any future support or a solution for any issue. Please understand that Best Effort issues may take longer to resolve.

We may also direct you to a better resource for your issue, such as Plugin Developer, Designer, Software Author etc.