File Manager

The File Manager is cPanel’s built-in web application for managing and manipulating your website’s files from your personal computer. Most users will feel comfortable using this file management tool.

cPanel provides a number of ways files can be manipulated within the File Manager. Its main interface, the File Manager toolbar, contains the following functions:

• The New File button creates a new file with a user-defined file extension.

• The New Folder button creates a new folder in which files can be stored.

• The Copy function copies selected items to a directory you specify.

• The Move File button allows selected files to be moved to a new directory.

• The Upload button allows new files to be uploaded to a specified directory.

• The Download button downloads selected files to your computer.

• The Delete button deletes selected files from the server.

• The Rename button allows a selected file to be renamed.

• The Edit file opens an editor for the selected text or HTML files.

• The Code Editor button opens a code editor for the selected HTML or PHP files.

• The HTML Editor button opens an editor specifically intended for HTML files.

• The Change Permissions button allows the read/write permissions to be changed for selected files.

• The View button will open the selected files for viewing.

• The Extract button will decompress and extract a compressed file to a specified directory.

• The Compress button will compress selected files to a single *.zip, *.Gz, *.Bz2, or *.tar archive and store the zipped file to a specified directory.

Note: Certain functions of the File Manager are designed for use with 1 file at a time. Any attempt to rename, edit, or view multiple files at once will open only one file — the file listed first in the directory.