Server Upgrade

Server Upgrade: Scheduled for 7/29/2020
Wednesday, July 29th at 10 AM CST

We’ve been preparing for this server upgrade for a few weeks now. It truly is a major undertaking to move hundreds of accounts, websites, databases, and thousands of emails from one server to another. There are literally millions of moving parts to keep track of. So we ask for your patience if you need support during and after the upgrade.

7/21/2020 Notified all clients via email account on file.

SUBJECT:  Important: Server Upgrade Scheduled for Wednesday, July 29th at 10 AM CST

We will be upgrading the server that your site is hosted on Wednesday, July 29th at 10 AM CST. There *WILL* be a period of time when your website/email will be off line. The outage is expected to last 1-3 hours. During this period if you need support, you can use to contact us.

Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 10AM to 1PM CST
Downtime: Yes, 1-3 hours (while we sync data between servers and forward traffic to new server)

During entire process, our support staff will primarily be focused on server issues and therefore there may be a delay in support responses for 48 hours from when the upgrade begins.

Emails sent during the short time that sites were down will most likely go through but will be late. If the sending server is set up to the industry standard, it will try again and then the email will get through. If not or if there’s a problem, it will return the email to the sender so that they are aware that the email didn’t get through.

IMPORTANT things to note for after the upgrade:

Reboot your computer, your router and modem, after the migration is complete if you have trouble accessing your site. Often, computers don’t immediately repoint to the new server and a reboot will usually trigger this. In rare cases, it can take longer if your ISP doesn’t update their domain tables very often.

Why Upgrade when everything seems to be working fine?

The purpose of the upgrade is to improve service and security with new hardware and software. We purposely change out hardware before the expected end of life in order to prevent unexpected outages. The new hardware will improve overall performance with new server software, faster disk drives, more RAM and faster processors. The new software will improve security as well as improve on performance as well as services we’ll be offering in the future.

As always, thank you for allowing us to host and manage your domains, websites and email. We value your business and consider it a privilege to serve you.

Thomas Leo
Customer Service Manager (and Owner)
P.O Box 638, Cocolalla, ID 83813

7/16/2020 New server build and testing phase begins.